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Devar bhabhi dance: Where will Bhaiya fit when devar dances so seamlessly with bhabhi, watch video here

Devar bhabhi dance: These days anything grabs netizens' attention quickly. The bond of Devar Bhabhi is one of the most loved pairs on the Internet. Netizens love to see their dance chemistry. This is the reason their bold and sizzling video keeps on surfacing on the Internet. Once again a video is winning hearts on social media.

The sizzling chemistry of the couple

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In this viral video, you can see the couple making netizens crazy. The sensuous and bold dance of this Jodi is setting the flames high. They are seen dancing on the Bollywood song Kusu Kusu. Viewers are loving their bond in the video. Netizens are also making funny comments such as ‘where is bhaiya?’

Watch Video Here

Credit: YouTube

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Views on this video

This viral video is shared by sakhi on the YouTube channel. The video is wreaking havoc on social media. Netizens are praising this power couple in the comment session.

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