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3 Best Pakistani TV Shows Available in 2022

Pakistani dramas are a guilty pleasure of people all over the globe, the stories are gripping and real, much different from the over-the-top serials on Star Plus. Here are the top 3 Pakistani dramas that released in 2022.

1. Sang e Mah

Most of us have heard of the star singer, Atif Aslam, however, we are not used to seeing his acting chops. Apart from the barrage of Pakistani talent, from Atif Aslam to Nauman Ijaz, the drama focuses on tribal families and their sacrifices in the name of tradition.

The series is a sequel to Sang e Mar Mar which ended in 2017 and picks up after that plot. Both shows played a vital role in highlighting the ugly parts of our society that we often turn our back on.

2. Paristan

A far cry from the seriousness of the first show on this list, Paristan has a lighthearted feel to it despite having painful character backstories. The drama received a lot of recognition due to Merub and Junaid Khan Niazi’s appearance as a couple. The story is full of a lot of cliche tropes but since it’s a sitcom, it works.

Each episode promises a few laughs and giggles, guaranteed to cheer you up after a bad day!

3. Dil Awaiz

This drama is a serious one, focusing on the main character, Dil Awaiz. Unloved by her father due to her mother’s past, she is left at the mercy of her stepmother and sister who treat her very poorly throughout, just like a modern-day Cinderella.

As the story progresses falls in love with a man named Sikander. However, he likes her stepsister and chooses to marry her.

However, the stepsister runs away with her boyfriend leaving Dilawaiz to soothe the pride of both families by marrying a man who never wanted her. The story is full of jaw-dropping moments and makes one rethink about our society and the faces it hides.

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