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Lesbian Web Series: India’s First Lesbian Series titled ‘The Other Love Story’ was way ahead of its Time. Watch the bold Episodes

Lesbian Web Series: This was the story of a girl Meeting another Girl and falling in Love. But this plot is not created today when Lesbian and Gay stories are quite normal and Section 377 has been scrapped. But the ‘The Other Love Story’ was released at a time when same-sex love was not considered “APT” and was considered “Wrong” back then. The other Love story was released in the year 2016 and is India’s first Lesbian Web series made to change the norms created by society. Written by Roopa Rao, the Web series showcases the love between two women set in the 90s.

Watch the Trailer of India’s First Lesbian Web series- ‘The Other Love story’

The Storyline

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Do you know what’s the surprising part? Well, the writer of this series had written this story almost a decade ago, from the time of its Release. Meanwhile, the story revolves around two college women – Aanchal and Aadya belonging to an urban India. And in the first Episode titled ‘Meeting’- we saw Aachal meeting Aadya for the very first time and that too by chance. This meet happened in a Galli in the neighbourhood while waiting with her ill brother at a clinic. In their conversation part one thing is visible, Aachal’s character is bold whereas Aadya is Awkward and shy. There is sweet chemistry as we see them interact.

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This was the story set in Banglore, where Lesbian Love was kept deep in a closet. And depicting such emotions was never considered right. In the later part of the story the growing love between the two women faces hurdles from Aanchal’s family. Yet despite all, we see the couple’s deserved happy ending. 

The Writer also bring back that 90s essence where writing looks letters, making landline calls, meeting on the streets, gifting cards, and sharing chocolates was the way of depicting Love.

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This web series is a brave step

In the year 2016, This story turned out to be a great step, especially for people who are struggling with their sexual identity. A great manner to address Homophobia most naturally and realistically.
The ‘other’ Love story is available on YouTube. The Creator of this series- Roopa Rao went on to win the Best Director at the 2016 NYC Web Fest.

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