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Home ENTERTAINMENT Nirahua and Akshara Singh’s seductive terrace ‘Athkheliya’ on ‘Maari Chauka Pe Chauka’...

Nirahua and Akshara Singh’s seductive terrace ‘Athkheliya’ on ‘Maari Chauka Pe Chauka’ is as sweet as ‘Shahad’ web series on ULLU, watch video

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Nirahua and Akshara Singh are one of the most successful Bhojpuri actors. They’ve collaborated on multiple occasions and each time the temperature has risen. The couple is well-known for their acting, spellbinding dancing, and hot chemistry. Their song ‘Maari Chauka Pe Chauka’ is a great gift for fans because the duo looks stunning in it. Nirahua and Akshara Singh are creating waves on the internet with this song, and fans are loving seeing them on-screen together.

Nirahua and Akshara Singh

Akshara and NIrahua appear in the song ‘Maari Chauka Pe Chauka’ and look stunning in the house. The captivating connection throughout the song will leave you wanting more. Nirahua’s dancing skills complement Akshara Singh, and the synchronization is winning hearts online. Their hot romance is leaving the viewer’s wanting more, and the actors are magnificent.

The couple looks stunning while romancing each other in the song. Nirahua wants to kiss Akshara, but she teases him instead, and it’s worth seeing. They look stunning together in the song, and their chemistry will undoubtedly captivate you. The performers’ performances are going to make waves on the internet.

Views on the video

On YouTube, the video has received 24,222 views. Online people are spreading the footage and complimenting the duo in the video’s comments area. Fans adore the duo’s enticing connection and poured their hearts out in the comments area.

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