Pradeep Pandey and Kajal Yadav’s bedroom romance on ‘Choli Chalisa’ is as Sweet as ‘Shahad,’ watch enthralling video

Pradeep Pandey

Pradeep Pandey and Kajal Yadav’s hot chemistry on the iconic Bhojpuri song ‘Choli Chalisa’ has made them the talk of the town. Fans are going crazy about the duo’s hot chemistry in the video’s ‘Palang Tod’ romance. In the video, Kajal Yadav looks lovely, and Pradeep Pandey’s charm is evident. The two celebs appear in the film in a bedroom scenario, and their chemistry is off the charts.

Pradeep Pandey and Kajal Yadav

The song was an instant hit among Bhojpuri music enthusiasts and received a large amount of views on social media sites. Fans adore the video and applaud the actors for their hot performance in the song.

The video has also sparked a social media craze, with followers creating their own videos in the style of Pradeep Pandey and Kajal Yadav’s ‘Palang Tod’ romance. The two actors’ connection is amazing, and it’s no surprise that the video has gone viral.

Views on the video

On YouTube, the video has received 16,873,567 views. Pradeep Pandey and Kajal Yadav’s ‘Palang Tod’ romance based on the Bhojpuri song ‘Choli Chalisa’ is a must-see for all Bhojpuri music and chemistry aficionados. It’s a hot and sultry video that will leave you wanting more.

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