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Rachna Tiwari looks surreal in orange as she dances her heart out on latest song ‘Chhori Dhumadhar;’ watch 

Rachna Tiwari

Rachna Tiwari: In the world of dance, there are performers who possess a unique ability to captivate audiences with their talent and style. One such artist who has been creating waves in the dance community is Rachna Tiwari, known for her rustic and extraordinary Haryanvi dance moves. Recently, a new song of Rachna Tiwari is out and has been making rounds on social media, leaving viewers awestruck with her impeccable skills and infectious energy.

Watch her latest song here

The song “Chori Dhumadhar” has taken the internet by storm with its peppy beats and energetic choreography. Rachna Tiwari shines in the song, showcasing her remarkable dance moves that blend traditional Haryanvi dance with a modern twist. In the accompanying music video, Rachna can be seen dressed in a silver sequin backless blouse paired with an orange ruffled skirt and black stockings, with her hair elegantly braided.

Rachna Tiwari’s performance in “Chori Dhumadhar” is a testament to her exceptional dance skills and infectious energy. With every move, she exudes charm and grace, captivating the audience with her fluid movements and precise footwork. Her ability to fuse traditional Haryanvi dance elements with contemporary styles sets her apart as a versatile and talented artist.

Views and likes on the song 

The release of “Chori Dhumadhar” has garnered significant attention on social media platforms, with viewers praising Rachna Tiwari’s talent and expressing their admiration for her unique dance style. The video has amassed 635 as of now and is still gaining traction. 

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