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Son sings ABBA’s The Winner Takes It All while mother joins in. This video will melt your heart| Watch

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Viral Video: A man can be seen performing The Winner Takes It All by ABBA in a social media video that has gone insanely popular. That, however, is not really the video’s best moment. Although his voice is undeniably soulful, the participation of his mother—a retired opera singer—piques the interest of online viewers. Her son Jude York posted the video on Instagram, where it has received over 1 million views.
Jude may be seen singing The Winner Takes It All while recording himself in the now-viral video. However, his mother unexpectedly makes an appearance and begins singing along with him. Their voices blended perfectly and were simply divine.

Last week, the video was published with the phrase “Overwhelmed by the response this has received 3 million views and counting! my mum’s loving it lol.”

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Here is the video:

This video has gone viral online. The mother and boy have received numerous compliments in the comments section. One user said, “Instantly sobbed at the first harmony.. this song always gets me.”

Viewers couldn’t stop themselves from praising the duo

Another user commented, “The way she entered the frame was simply so cute am weeping.”

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