Viral Animal Video: King Cobra attacks Monitor Lizard; Watch to see who wins the battle

Viral Animal Video

Viral Animal Video: Snakes have the capacity to frighten anyone. Reptiles are known to be among the most dangerous predators on the planet. These organisms are harmful not only because of their poison, another heinous element of their heinous character is their proclivity to cling to their prey and not let go until it dies. Videos showing snakes, particularly cobras, hunting down prey several times have often stunned the internet. A video of a cobra’s spine-chilling confrontation with a monitor lizard has gone viral, adding to the growing list of such videos.

Watch Viral Animal Video

Animal videos are popular online for showing the unbelievable and unexpected side of animals and they grab the attention of netizens. The video was uploaded on YouTube and is becoming viral. The video, which was shared by the Latest Sightings channel, reveals a fierce combat between a deadly cobra and a monitor lizard. In the video, the cobra chooses a desolate road for a life-or-death battle to get a meal.

The fight between the two dangerous reptiles is a heart-stopping display of the cobra’s remarkable power. The monitor lizard appears to have surrendered to the cobra’s might at one point in the video, bringing suspense and drama to the scene. However, it manages to calmly wrench its head away and flee to safety. The cobra follows the lizard until the end.

Views on the video

The video became a sensation online and it left the internet awestruck as Cobra showed amazing skills. Netizens reacted to the video in the comment section. One user wrote, “When life tries to drag you down but you don’t even care anymore.” Another user wrote, “Nothing like witnessing the valiant struggle for life among nature’s most dangerous predators.”

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