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Viral Animal Video: Man feeds chicken to crocodile, what happens next is Shocking, WATCH

Viral Animal Video: The unpredictable world of animal interactions often delivers both heartwarming and heart-pounding moments. A recent video circulating the internet captures one such incident that showcases a man’s brave attempt to feed a chicken to a giant crocodile, only for the situation to take a dramatic turn.

A brave feeding attempt takes a shocking turn

In a video that has quickly gained viral status, a man can be seen standing at the edge of a pond, holding a sizable chicken in his hands. The daring act was captured as the man cautiously approached the water, seemingly intending to feed the chicken to a massive crocodile dwelling within the pond.

As the man extends the chicken towards the crocodile, the situation escalates in a matter of seconds. The crocodile, rather than passively accepting the offered meal, lunges forward and attempts to seize the man himself. In a tense moment, the man narrowly avoids the predator’s grasp but slips in the process. When faced with immediate danger, the man’s swift reflexes take center stage. Just as the crocodile’s jaws come dangerously close, he successfully avoids the attack and moves to a safer location. 

Netizens have reacted to the video

The video was posted on Instagram with caption, “When You’re On The Menu.” One user commented, “Bro went for the bigger meal.” Another user commented, “The croc wants his meat live dammit!!! Lmaoooo.” One of them commented, “He said, nah I want the OTHER white meat.” Some comments were like, “Croc: you bringing me a whole chicken Damm you I was hungry all day I need you,” “When will these people learn that wildlife animals are not to be played with.” 

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