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Viral Video: Footage Shows Money Shower From Range Rover in Noida, Raises Law and Order Concerns in UP, Watch

Public anger over the viral video of money being tossed from a Range Rover in Uttar Pradesh has raised questions about law and order.

Viral Video

Viral Video: Another viral video featuring individuals tossing cash out of a moving car raised concerns about the state of law and order in Uttar Pradesh. After being posted to social media, the video quickly went viral.

Viral Video Unveils Cash Throwing from Range Rover

The video showed a Range Rover, but the footage was being taken from the interior by passengers in a different car that was passing by the Range Rover. According to the post, the incident happened near Sector 20 in Noida. People started tagging the Uttar Pradesh and the Noida Police in the comment section of the video as soon as it became viral, pleading with the authorities to intervene.

Video’s Swift Virality and Viewer Reactions

After being shared, the video quickly became popular and elicited angry responses from viewers. While some called for stern punishment, the majority of people criticised the men’s actions and highlighted the potential “threat” they posed to other commuters. When the video was posted today, hundreds of people liked it.

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