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Viral Video: Barbaric! Delhi Boy Stabs 18-Year-Old, Caught Dancing on Camera Afterward, Watch

Discover the horrifying encounter that took place in Northeast Delhi and was caught on camera—a 16-year-old boy repeatedly and viciously stabs an 18-year-old.

Viral Video

Viral Video: A 16-year-old boy who was seen dancing next to the body during the graphic attack that was captured on CCTV repeatedly stabbed an 18-year-old man on a street in northeast Delhi. Sources claim that the accused committed the crime while intoxicated.

Location and Motive

The horrifying murder occurred in the Welcome area because the accused intended to take the victim’s Rs 350. The accused was seen dragging the victim’s body into a small lane with houses on either side, according to CCTV footage that was installed in the area. The victim is then mercilessly stabbed in the face, ears, and neck, as well as sliced. The boy stops his gory murdering momentarily to survey his surroundings.

Eerie Disappearance and Return

After stabbing the victim once more, the accused turns to his right, walks in that direction, and briefly disappears from the CCTV footage. Later on, he returns and starts stabbing once more. The victim’s head and neck are sliced by the kneeling boy. He gave the victim a head kick as well. He bursts into a few seconds of dancing. Subsequently, he removes the victim’s blood-soaked body from the frame.

Choking and Unconsciousness

The victim was choked by the accused before becoming unconscious, according to the police. Subsequently, the defendant pulled him into a confined space and savagely stabbed him multiple times; the horrific deed was captured on camera. Once the crime was done, he stole Rs 350. After being brought to GTB Hospital, the victim was pronounced dead, according to the police.

Accused in Police Custody

The police have taken the accused into custody. The victim was being identified. The accused was previously connected to a murder case with plans to commit robbery in 2022, according to police sources. The actual Welcome area is where the murder occurred. Additionally, according to sources, a group of three to four young people committed similar crimes collectively as a gang.

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