Viral Video: Bhartiyata at Stake! Woman Seeks Protection in Live-In Relationship, Judge’s Reaction Wins Hearts, Watch

Viral Video

Viral Video: A married woman is shown asking for police protection to stay in a live-in relationship with another guy in a viral video that has gone viral on social media. The exchange between the woman and Justice Vivek Rusia is captured, and the latter’s response has generated a lot of discussion.

Judge’s Initial Response

Judge Rusia starts the conversation by casting doubt on the woman’s understanding of Indian culture and expressing shock at her wish to live with her spouse while still being legally married. He draws attention to the social conventions around living arrangements and marriage, implying that such actions are contrary to conventional beliefs.

Societal Backlash

In response, the lady accuses her husband of domestic abuse. Judge Rusia advises the woman to report the abuse to the police instead of looking for safety in a cohabiting relationship. He questions the morality and societal ramifications of living with someone else while still legally married, expressing contempt for the idea.

The response from Justice Rusia has sparked a conversation about modern social standards and the judiciary’s influence on them. Some praise him for sticking to conventional beliefs, while others point out that he doesn’t seem to care about the woman’s situation or deal with the underlying issues that led her to want a live-in relationship.

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