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Viral Video: Bollywood-Style proposal by an Indian Man melts hearts at Auckland Airport; Watch

Yashraj Chhabra, a 26-year-old from Auckland, surprised his Bollywood-loving girlfriend, Riiya Shukla, with a creative proposal at the airport, proving that love knows no boundaries. His heartwarming gesture left Riiya speechless.

Viral Video

Viral Video: A video is going viral where a 26-year-old guy named Yashraj from Auckland had a brilliant idea to propose to his girlfriend, Riiya, who loves Bollywood movies. He did this surprise proposal at the airport, and it was so romantic that it showed love has no limits.

A Grand Announcement

Taking a cue from the grand gestures often seen in Bollywood films, Yashraj took over the airport’s public address system to call his girlfriend, Riiya Shukla, amid the bustling arrivals hall. Riiya, initially surprised to hear her partner’s voice making announcements, was in for an extraordinary surprise.

As Riiya listened, Yashraj’s voice filled the airport, and a pre-recorded message played over the speakers, saying, “Attention Riiya Shukla, you’re hearing my voice because I really need to talk to you.” Riiya was left amazed and confused after this announcement.

The surprise was far from over. Friends and family, who were part of the plan, arrived at the main area of the airport, holding placards that bore a simple yet profound question: “Will You Marry Me?” Yashraj, went down on one knee and proposed Riiya with an engagement ring.

An Overwhelming Yes

In a magical moment that would rival any Bollywood film, Riiya, surrounded by joyful relatives and fellow travelers, said a resounding “Yes” to Yashraj’s heartfelt proposal. Tears of happiness and cheers filled the air as the couple embraced, underscoring the success of Yashraj’s efforts to turn what could have been a regular day at the airport into a cherished memory.

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