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Viral Video: Daring Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong! Man Takes Giant Leap Over A Canyon in an EUC Vehicle; Watch What Happens

In a viral video a man does a very dangerous stunt in a canyon in Utah. However things do not go well for him.

Viral Video: People do all sorts of things to go viral on the internet. They work on their craft again and again till they go viral on social media. Mike Leahy is a big name on Instagram and is known for his videos on an EUC vehicle. EUC vehicle is also known as electric Unicycle vehicle which is a difficult divide to ride. However, this Instagrammer is a pro at it and has proved that again through this viral video.

Man takes flies over a canyon

Mike Leahy has over 72 thousand followers on his official Instagram page, @shibby_time. He mostly posts about his adventures in an EUC vehicle and this time he took it to the next level. In his recent post, Mike was in a dessert park in Utah where he and his friends indulged in some EUC adventures. However, it is not just any adventure but a rather dangerous one. He stood in this red-rocky park where there was a big canyon. On the other side of the canyon, his friend is stood waiting for him. He starts riding his EUC fast and hits an upward slope that lifts him in the air, towards the other end of the canyon. In this dangerous reel, he does not fall into the canyon but hits himself hard on the edge of the earth as he lands on the other side.

On the next try, he lands without hitting the edge of the earth but falls with an impact from the EUC and tumbles over. However, on the third attempt, he lands smoothly and rides away, calling it “Third times the charm” in his captions. Moreover, he calls the experience as “what it feels like to take a giant leap”.

Netizens react

Netizens were left in disbelief at what they witnessed. They commented, “God damn … glad you walked away clean but looked crazy”, “Bro!!! You are a pioneer and a legend!! Salute!”. Other users said, “Why” and “Get yourself a real vehicle.”

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