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Viral Video: Drivers Greed proves costly for passengers, E-Rickshaw Overturns; Watch

See the hilarious accident of an e-rickshaw that suddenly topples because to crowding.

Viral Video: In cities, especially around train and bus stations, auto rickshaws are frequently observed packing as many people as possible into their vehicles in order to maximise their profits. However, have you ever seen an e-rickshaw become overcrowded in the same way as a conventional one? That’s exactly what a viral video showed, but the moment the e-rickshaw abruptly flipped over backward because of the overabundance of passengers, the video quickly changed from shock to laughter, or whatever you want to call it.

A Daily Riding Vlog Takes an Unexpected Turn

The e-rickshaw unexpectedly fell backwards while the YouTuber was filming his daily riding Vlog, and the footage was taken by his phone mounted on his bike. With its two front wheels in the air due to the passengers’ overcrowding in the rear and middle creating the imbalance that resulted in the overturn, it was an amusing sight.

Onlookers Rush to Aid the Fallen Passengers

After giving fans a preview of the video on Instagram, @hussain.therider posted the full clip to YouTube, ridiculing the E-rickshaw driver by calling him the “Heavy Driver” in reference to the vehicle’s heavy cargo, which the driver himself is said to be carrying. The footage made many giggle as they marvelled at the surprise overturn and others chastised the driver for overloading it, while onlookers raced to help the fallen passengers and the flipped rickshaw.

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