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Home VIDEOS Viral Video: Girl’s unhindered performance on Sapna Chaudhary’s ‘Jale’ is way too cool; watch

Viral Video: Girl’s unhindered performance on Sapna Chaudhary’s ‘Jale’ is way too cool; watch

Viral Video: There are a few singers who can make listeners go wild and even fewer dancers who can match their energy. You will find such a fine combination in this girl's performance on Sapna Chaudhary's song 'Jale'

Viral Video
Viral Video

Viral Video: Viral dance performances are extremely entertaining. The riveting moves you get to see by numerous presenters cannot be found elsewhere. The Internet is really a fun place to be due to the availability of such content. Moreover, when presenters spice up their performances with a little bit of mixing up here and there, it becomes even more interesting. This girl did exactly that by mixing folk dance with contemporary on the hit song ‘Jale’ by Sapna Chaudhary.

Watch viral video of girl performing to ‘Jale’

The sensational Haryanvi singer Sapna Chaudhary has taken the internet by storm with her exhilarating folk songs that come with a twist of contemporary music. Her lovely vocals and charisma are two of the factors that helped her rise to fame radically. Her ability to mesmerise viewers with heart-touching songs is uninhibited. She designs her music in such a way that highlights the dormant Haryanvi culture and brings out the beauty in it. Sapna’s music videos are filled with village folk scenes displaying several glimpses of the beautiful Haryanvi culture. Not too long ago, her song ‘Jale’ was released that garnered tremendous attention on Social Media.

One of the presenters grabbed the opportunity and handpicked the song for her amazing performance. In a viral video, she appeared wearing a beautiful green and black dress. The girl danced gracefully to the power-packed beats of the song. The energy level she displayed in her performance was commendable. Had Sapna seen this video, she would have definitely appreciated the powerful young dancer.

Video by ‘Ananya Sinha’

Reactions of netizens to the powerful performance

The girl’s lovely performance garnered a tremendous amount of praise in the comments section. People from all over the world appreciated her for her effort. Some of the comments on the video read, “Amazing dance,” “It was amazing and fantastic performance…I like it very much,” “Very very wonderful dance,” etc.

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