Viral Video: Girl’s voluptuous belly dance on ‘Dilbar Dilbar’ is classy, watch

Viral Video

Viral Video: Belly dance is an art form that captivates the audience and entertains them like no other. Girls are famous for belly dancing and their videos make rounds of the internet as online users share them fiercely. Belly dance videos are famous online and recently a video went viral on the internet which features a girl dancing to the famous Bollywood song ‘Dilbar.’ Her dance performance is raising the temperature high online as the girl delivers sensuous and seamless dance.

Watch Viral Video

Belly dance videos are famous online as Nora Fatehi made it famous in India also. Belly dance emerged in India after several item numbers in Bollywood movies. Dilbar is one of the most famous songs of Nora Fatehi and many girls make dance covers of this song in belly dance outfits. A viral video shows a girl performing a belly dance on Dilbar. Her graceful and energetic dance is giving tough competition to Nora Fatehi.

She is wearing a stunning black and gold belly dance outfit highlighting her curves and making the video a must-watch for the viewers. Her energetic belly dance and seamless execution is winning hearts online as she is capturing each and every beat with her dance moves.

Online users praise the dance

The girl looks sensuous while dancing and her expressions add more beauty to the video. The video has gone viral online, and online users are showering the girl with love and praise for her exceptional dance performance. Online users have filled the comment section with love and praise.

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