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Viral Video: Haryana Nightclub Turns Battleground as Patron Drags Waiter with Car Over 23000 Bill, Watch

A ₹23,000 bill disagreement turned into a violent battle, sending a nightclub in Haryana into turmoil.

Viral Video

Viral Video: A nightclub in Haryana became a war in the early hours of Sunday morning when a group of guys attacked and pulled an 18-year-old server with their car over a 23,000 food and booze bill. There were punches, swords and sticks flying everywhere.

Night Out at Posh Cafe and Club

Two guys and three ladies went out for the evening at Posh Cafe and Club in Sector 20, Panchkula. Following a late-night binge of food, drink, and celebration that continued until four in the morning, the two guys argued with the nightclub personnel about the ₹23,000 bill. The two males and the nightclub bouncers got into a brawl, which quickly turned nasty. One of the two males called a friend during the altercation to request assistance. Soon after, twelve more people in two cars arrived on the scene brandishing swords and weapons and attacking the nightclub employees.

Women and Swords in the Midst of Nightclub Brawl

While the three women were wrestling, punching, and kicking, swords were also spotted being swung. The two guys attempted to escape, as did the women who had joined them, as the struggle got more intense. When Jayant, an 18-year-old waiter, attempted to stop their automobile in order to get the bill money, the altercation got much more ugly. When the adolescent attempted to stop the group from fleeing, he was instead pulled for almost 100 metres. The whole thing was captured on camera.

Young Waiter Jayant’s Injuries Require Hospital Care

The waiter suffered significant injuries, including fractured bones in both hands and a leg wound. He is presently receiving care at Panchkula’s Sector 6 Civil Hospital. Sector 20 Police arrived on the scene shortly after the fight started and got to work investigating the incident.

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