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Viral Video: He doesn’t take a NO for an answer! You will be shocked to see what he does in the moving metro, watch video

Viral Video: There is frequently something to be viewed on the Internet that either leaves people’s eyes wide open in amazement or gives them goosebumps. One such video within the metro has just gone viral, which has startled everyone. Although you may have seen many viral videos within the metro in which individuals dance or attract attention by performing bizarre behaviors, in one video going viral, a man sitting on a seat inside the metro is a woman. He does something to him after noticing how astonished the people in the room are.

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A large number of individuals can be seen traveling in a metro in this viral video. Meanwhile, a  man is enjoying the ride while wearing torn paint and no shirt. During this, he is seen asking the traveling passengers for anything. Meanwhile, his gaze is drawn to a woman who is eating something with delight; only then is the man shown asking the woman for something, which the woman denies. Following that, as soon as the metro gate opens, that individual steals the woman’s food in the blink of an eye and runs away from there.  In this case, by the time the people present realize anything, the person has disappeared from sight.

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User’s Reaction

This video has been widely viewed and shared on the social media platform Instagram. While sharing the video, the description reads, ‘He did not like the simple language.’ Users’ reactions after watching the movie range from bizarre to amusing.

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