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Viral Video: Heartbreaking! Brother Carries Sister’s Body on Bike Due to Lack of Ambulance

A brother had to ride his sister's body home on a bike because there was no ambulance available from the hospital, as shown in a devastating scenario captured in a viral video from the Auraiya area of Uttar Pradesh.

Viral Video

Viral Video: A film that was shot in Uttar Pradesh‘s Auraiya district and exposed health services has gone viral, shocking people’s emotions. In the video, a brother is seen riding a bike home from the hospital with his sister’s body strapped to his shoulder with a scarf around his neck.

Desperate Attempts to Load the Deceased Sister’s Body

Additionally, his family is attempting in some way to load the deceased daughter’s body onto the bike, but the hospital Not even an ambulance was scheduled to pick up the corpse. People did not stop watching this heartbreaking tragedy. Human senses are going to be shocked by this video.

Tragedy Strikes Naveen Basti in Auraiya District

The Auraiya district’s Naveen Basti is where this tragedy happened. In the video, the brother is seen attempting to wheel his sister’s body in front of the Community Health Centre, and nobody has even called for an ambulance or a car at this time of mourning.

Brother Carries Sister’s Body on Bike

A young man had to ride his bike with his sister’s body tied to his back and transport it home from the CHC grounds in Bidhnu. However, nobody made arrangements for an ambulance or a way to transport the body home. Is the district’s system really poor? The fact that the hospital was unable to provide an ambulance in this dire situation speaks volumes about their predicament.

Tragedy Strikes as 20-Year-Old Anjali’s Life Ends in Hospital

According to the information, Anjali, 20, daughter of Pratap Singh of Naveen Basti, resident of Auraiya district, had become unconscious after touching the electric water rod. She was taken to Auraiya hospital, but her life could not be saved. The irony is that the hospital could not even provide them an ambulance to take the body back home.

The Shocking Reality

Anjali, who lives in Naveen Basti West near Baburam Mohanlal College, went to the room to heat water for bathing. While using the bucket to fill hot water, her hand touched the road and she got electrocuted. When the family saw Anjali lying unconscious near the bucket, they took her to the CHC. The doctor present there declared Anjali dead. After the death of the girl, the family wept. And without post-mortem, he took his daughter back to this state.

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