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Viral Video: Man Draws With Both Hands Without even Looking At The Board, Users Are Shocked!

Viral Video: Well, creating or drawing something may seem like an easy task, but it is indeed very challenging and demands a lot of effort in order to get that perfection. Drawing is not just about forming lines on the page with a pencil, it requires skill, knowledge and the art of conveying messages through pictures.
Where a clip of a man is going viral, in which he can be seen drawing a picture with both hands, and the best part? Well, he isn’t even looking at the drawing board, while creating this beautiful art. (Which is quite Unbelievable, but true! )

Watch the Viral video here:

So Usually people who make and further upload drawings or art-related videos, can draw with only one hand, but have you ever seen someone drawing a picture with both hands, that too without looking at the picture? (Quite commendable)
So The clip looks to be from a classroom, where a man is seated on a chair against a blackboard. He is sitting while facing the camera. The man takes both his hands back to the blackboard and draws an outline structure of two faces. That too in no time!

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Peoples take

The clip was shared by Hindustan Now Global Press and has received more than 1.5 million views and close to 1.50 lakh likes. 
While the netizens were amazed as well as surprised by man’s extraordinary talent. 
And some users commented, “Great artist I am shocked and speechless”.

While some said,”Adbhut kala ko naman (Hailing this unique talent).”

While the other wrote, “Amazing unbelievable n awesome synchronization of hands fingers movement with imagination so appropriately.“

Unbelievable Art….. Salute ur art dedication…” a third user said.

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