Viral Video: Man’s Footover Bridge Stunt Goes Wrong, RPF Personnel Swiftly Steps in to Rescue, Watch

Viral Video

Viral Video: An individual abruptly scaled the wall and leaped onto the track at the Bhayandar Railway Station, which is close to Mumbai. The young man was saved from the track at this moment by the quick action of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and other staff members. The young man’s family has been informed about the situation and he has been admitted to the hospital.

Foot Over Bridge Drama Unfolds at Bhayandar Station

The event happened at the Foot Over Bridge (FOB) at Bhayandar station, which is close to Mumbai, based on the information provided. Here, someone ascended the bridge before abruptly leaping onto the railway tracks. The moment he hit the track, the man began to moan in agony. In front of them were officers of the Railway Protection Force and a few people.

Train Staff’s Immediate Response to the Track Incident

The young man was grabbed up and taken away by the train staff as soon as they spotted him on the track. He was then brought to the hospital after this. There has also leaked a video showing someone leaping from the FOB that connects Bhayandar East and West. This video was posted by Western Railway on its social media accounts. Railways has also advised people to proceed with caution.

Railway Official Credits RPF Officers for Life-Saving Response

According to a railway official, the individual’s life was saved when RPF officers and a few other persons arrived at the scene as soon as he leaped onto the tracks. After being transferred to the closest hospital, his family was notified. It is unknown why the young man tried to end his life by jumping into a train track.

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