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Viral Video: “More human than many,” Netizens say as bear saves crow from drowning at a Zoo in this heart-touching clip

Viral Video: There are numerous touching videos on the internet. However, have you ever heard of a predator saving its prey? Sounds odd, doesn’t it? In an online video, a bear can be seen rescuing a crow from drowning in a pond in its enclosure at a zoo in Budapest.

The bear, known as Vali, is seen wandering around the pond and eating in this one minute, 45 second long video that was posted on Twitter. A crow is struggling to keep afloat in the pond while thrashing its wings. The bird is clearly straining as it tries desperately to fly out of the water.

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Vali travels in the direction of the pond’s edge after spotting the same. It then snatches the crow by the claw and holds it by the wings with his jaws. The bear quickly drags the crow outside and places him on the ground. The crow struggles to stand up as the bear turns around and begins eating.

An internet user who goes by the Twitter handle Fascinating shared the video. Over 4.5 million people have watched the clip. This unusual wild animal gesture surprised a lot of internet users. The caption on the tweet reads, “Footage from Aleksander Medves shows Vali, a bear at the Budapest Zoo, saving a drowning crow.”

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A user commented, “That crow will never forget what that bear did for it.” While another user said, “More human than most.”

Another internet user added, “I will continue saying that people could learn so much from watching animals and these beautiful creatures put some human beings to shame time and time again. Just beautiful.”

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