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Viral Video: Naan ‘Washing’ Technique Raises Eyebrows! Internet in a Spin Over Unusual Cooking Hack, Watch

Explore the fascinating realm of food-related controversies by watching the viral video that demonstrates a novel method for making "washed naan".

Viral Video: There are benefits the morning after a party or get-together. Enjoying all the delicious leftovers is one of the finest things about the following day. A lot of us frequently find ourselves consuming the leftover party fare for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner the next day. Recently, a viral Instagram reel about this topic went viral.

The Unconventional Naan Reheating Method Grabs Attention

The technique for reheating the leftovers has garnered notice on the internet, not the leftovers themselves. The Instagram video posted by @everythingalishay shows a person holding up a cooked naan while a tap is running. We can infer from the video’s narrative that it is leftover food from the family supper the night before.

Unconventional Reheating Takes Center Stage

She drenches the naan in water, puts it on a tawa, and then coats the entire thing with oil. She fries the naan on one side and reheats it. She uses a glass dish to give herself some of the leftover chicken as well. She says in the caption that her mother created the Chicken Bihari Boti, which is one of her favourite recipes. Later, she enjoys it with the warm naan. View the entire reel by clicking the link below.

Over 32 million people have watched the video to date. Despite being shared for the first time at the end of December 2023, it has persisted online. Many people expressed confusion in the comments over the necessity of “washing” the naan. It also drew criticism from a number of people.

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