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Viral Video: Nagin dance makes a man so nostalgic that he pounces on another man like a snake, watch viral video here

Viral Video: The naagin dance is a strange obsession among Indian men who dance at events, weddings, or someone else’s baarat. For Indian uncles, innovative dance moves are locking a leg with another man and performing the bhangra or the naagin dance, just as performing the knee spin or the worm would be seen as flashing off in the US.

Men dance like a Naagin

Two Indian men performing the naagin dance in a village are seen in a hilarious video that is going viral on social media. The two men are moving around in a defensive circle while onlookers watch them. They have their hands crossed over their heads like snakes. When one of the men gets a little too into character and lunges at the other man, or naagin, the other man rotates his hands like a king cobra. The other had to avoid his “cobra attack move” as the man literally flew a few feet away with all of his body strength. He also frightened a few people nearby.

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About the Video

Unharmed by the huge jump, the man tumbles to the ground, rolls, and then coils up like a snake again. The other man then exhibits fear while continuing to play the nagin game with him. The caption for the video that was posted on Instagram by the account “memes.bks” was “Udta sanp milgya guys.” Over 12,000 people have watched the video, which was deemed to be absolutely hilarious by online users.

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