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Viral Video: Nigerian Man’s Daring Police Escape During Drug Rade, Is He Faster Than Usain Bolt?

Dramatic Break-Out of a Nigerian Drug Suspect from Police Detention in Navi Mumbai Aroused Discontent

Viral Video: A video depicting a dramatic break-out of an accused person from police custody has appeared on the internet. The individual, who has been confirmed as being of Nigerian descent, was detained by the Navi Mumbai police during a drug search. The raid was carried out as part of a crackdown on the growing drug mafia in Ulwe’s Sector 24 region.

Dramatic Escape Captured on Camera

In the trending video posted on social media site X (formerly known as Twitter), the suspect is being restrained by a police officer. The accused manages to escape the officer’s hold just as they begin to move in the direction of the police vehicle and breaks into a sprint. The police officers on the scene waste little time in pursuing the suspect; unfortunately, one of them trips over while doing so. Others can be seen moving in various directions to pursue the suspect as he runs through the community. However, there are no reports indicating if the suspect was apprehended by the authorities.

Nigerian National Arrested with Narcotics Worth Rs 6 Lakh in Kharghar Drug Bust

This incident comes after a Nigerian national was recently detained during another drug raid. In September, Kharghar police detained a Nigerian national and recovered MD valued Rs 6 lakh. To sell the narcotics, he had travelled to Kharghar’s sector 13. The police found 60 grammes of the narcotic methaqualone and identified the detained Nigerian as Chukwuebuka Abel Udeh.

Kharghar Police Successfully Capture Nigerian Drug Trafficker Chukwuebuka Abel Udeh

A squad lead by senior police inspector Rajeev Shejwal set up a trap and nabbed him with the contraband based on the information they had received. “He attempted to flee when he saw the police. Nevertheless, he was apprehended, and when he was frisked, 60 grammes of the substance methaqualone were found on him, according to a Kharghar police station official. At Kharghar police station, a case has been opened against him. Numerous Nigerians have been targeted in the Kharghar region for their involvement in the sale of drugs. These sorts continue to emerge even after that.

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