Viral Video: Over Confidence Busted! Boy Tries to Perform Backflip on the Stage, What Happens Next Will Shock You

Viral Video

Viral Video

Viral Video: Entertainment videos keep going viral on the internet because something or the other is seen in them which blows people’s senses. Recently, a video has gone viral on the internet in which the overconfidence of a boy is seen. The boy tries very hard and then tries to do a backflip while standing on the stage, but his attempt takes a very terrible turn. This happens in the video which will blow everyone’s senses after seeing it. Watch the video;

Watch Viral Video

Many such videos go viral on the internet which surprises people because in them we can see people having a similar appearance which is also very funny. Recently, in a video going viral, a very spectacular stunt of a boy is being seen, seeing which the man gets shocked. The boy seen in the video tries to perform a stunt by standing on the stage and due to his brilliant effort, he rises up but as soon as he reaches the end, he falls. That boy’s chest directly touches the ground and many people come there to take care of him.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video has garnered attention on X and the video started going viral online. Online users started reacting to the video in the comment section. One user wrote, “This man will never do any stunt in front of media and audience.” Another user wrote, “chapri hona b tough hai.”

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