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Viral Video: Pakistani Economy in Shambles, But Gold Coins Showered in Wedding People Say ‘What a Tragedy’

Immerse yourself in the splendour of a Pakistani wedding unlike anything you've ever seen before, as one special custom takes front stage: an amazing rain of gold coins in lieu of cash.

Viral Video

Viral Video: You have probably witnessed bride and groom’s relatives show them love and affection throughout weddings. But at anyone’s wedding, have you ever witnessed it raining gold? You might not have thought of this at all, yet it has happened. This scene is unique to Pakistan, our neighbour. It is not found anyplace else. Here, a video of a man showring gold coins at the bride rather than cash is quickly becoming popular.

The Astonishing Moment Gold Coins Rain at the Wedding

Many have been taken aback by this footage. It is visible in this widely shared video how the bride’s family is gathered around her. A man begins flinging gold money at the wedding in the meantime. At this point, some others begin lifting it as well.

Comment Reflects on Pakistan’s Wealth

People are expressing their views in comment sections. one person said, “Pakistan income tax department wants to know there location.” Another person said, “Aur dunia ko lagra hai Pakistan bhot gareeb hai.” This video has been shared from an Instagram page named ahmad_studio_hfd. This video was shared on January 25. On which more than 52 thousand likes have been received so far. At the same time, many comments are also being seen. This video is going viral very fast.

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