Viral Video: Racial Abuse in Toronto! Is Canada Safe for Immigration?

Viral Video

Viral Video: A viral video shows a client in Toronto, Canada abusing a brown pizza delivery person because of the way the order was paid for. The altercation, which the obnoxious customer reportedly recorded, drew harsh criticism online. An unidentified man can be heard verbally abusing the delivery worker and throwing racist epithets and insults at him in the undated footage from the city of Brampton.

Delivery Driver’s Response to Aggressive Customer

The delivery driver tried to diffuse the issue while maintaining composure in the face of the customer’s aggressive actions. “Call your workplace, call your workplace, call your workplace. Right now. If I never ordered food anymore. Do something, I dare you,” The individual in the video was making fun of the delivery man, who appeared to be of South Asian culture.

Intensification of Verbal Abuse and Racist Slurs

As the consumer insulted the delivery agent and even used racist slurs, the viral altercation got more intense. The delivery person replied with a solution, recommending that before delivering the food, change be obtained. The customer, however, turned down the offer and continued to jeer and test the delivery person.

When the delivery agent realised that the scenario was unworkable, he went to customer service for assistance. The customer continued to verbally abuse the agent, and the agent quickly left the premises after obtaining confirmation that change could be handed to the consumer. He went on, “What do you think you were, super brown guy?”

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