Viral Video: Reel Craze Kills! Tragic Accident in Maharashtra as Woman Dies While Recording Reel; Watch

Find out the heartbreaking tale from Maharashtra about a young lady who was making a video when her automobile crashed into a ditch, killing her. The event highlights the risks connected with social media-driven activities and the perils of distracted driving.

Viral Video

Viral Video: Maharashtra has witnessed a startling incidence. The young woman was died after her automobile fell into a ditch when she was attempting to record a video and unintentionally hit the throttle in reverse. According to a police officer, a 23-year-old female in Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Maharashtra, died on Monday when her car crashed through the crash barrier and into a ditch due to her inadvertently pressing the pedal in reverse.

Identity and Location

The girl has been identified as Shweta Surwase, and an official from the Khutababad police station claimed that the incident happened in the afternoon in the Sulibhanjan neighborhood. As to the claim by the news agency, the young lady was filming a video while operating the vehicle.

Shweta Surwase attempted her hand at driving as her friend Shivraj Mule was filming a video. Sadly, she unintentionally hit the pedal while the car was in reverse. The car slid backward as a result, shattered through the crash barrier, and landed in a ditch.

Tragic Accident

Rescuers arrived at the scene after more than an hour. The young woman was transported from the scene of the event to a local hospital, where medical professionals declared her deceased. Video has been posted on X (Formally Twitter) by Ghar ka kalesh.

Based on the evidence that has surfaced, Shaneeta and her companion Shivraj Sanjay Mule (25 years old, Hanuman Nagar) arrived in the Dutt Mandir neighborhood of Sulibhanjan in the afternoon from Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar. She told her pal that I also try to drive the automobile while creating reels on this phone. The girl was killed when the automobile fell straight down the hill while the reverse gear was engaged and the accelerator was depressed.

Due to the attractive surroundings and increased exposure to natural beauty during the rainy season, the Dutt Mandirara in Sulibhanjan attracts a great number of visitors and devotees. As they were creating reels on the phone, they were ambushed. It was discussed that this occurrence would not have occurred if there had been rocks at this location, which is a beautiful setting near the temple.

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