Viral Video: Reel Making Turns Costly! Bizarre On Road Driving Stunt Catches Cops Eyes, Delhi Police Takes Action; WATCH

Viral Video

Viral Video: Several videos circulate on the internet, shocking people with their unbelievable and unseen content. A new viral video featuring an odd and risky on-road driving stunt that resulted in expensive repercussions for the participants has drawn a lot of attention. The video shows careless driving manoeuvres on Delhi, India’s roadways. Local authorities have now seen the footage and taken appropriate punishment against the drivers. To look into the event and make sure that such risky behaviour doesn’t happen again on the city’s highways, the Delhi Police have intervened.

Viral Video Shows Delhi Police’s Action

Many such videos go viral on the internet in which people are seen acting very foolishly which shocks people. After this, action is also taken against them due to which many people learn a lesson. A similar case has come to light from Delhi, in which Delhi Police has taken action against a man who was zig-zagging his car on the highway.

Delhi Police had shared a post on its social media in which they informed that a man was caught for performing stunts on the highway and a fine of Rs 12,000 has been imposed on him. A challan has been issued against the driver under various sections of the Motor Vehicles Act and the black film has been removed from his vehicle.

Netizens reacted to the video   

The video has garnered attention online after being posted on Instagram and netizens started reacting to the video in the comment section of the video. One user wrote, “Delhi police always rock.” Another user wrote, “Delhi police always rock.”

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