Viral Video: Shocking! Doctor Discovers Human Finger in Ice Cream Cone Ordered Online; Netizens Say ‘Chal Kya Raha….’

The video was shared on X and it has generated a lot of buzz online.

Viral Video

Viral Video

Viral Video:  In an odd and unnerving occurrence that has the internet in a frenzy, a doctor in Mumbai discovered a severed human finger in an ice cream cone that he had purchased online! The doctor’s horrified response when he displays the finger stuck in the cone is captured in the terrifying footage that has gone viral on social media, leaving many online stunned and appalled. Individuals express their amazement and disgust at the viral video. Concerns over food safety and quality control have been raised by the occurrence, and an inquiry is being conducted to find out how this unimaginable error happened.

Watch Viral Video

Many such videos go viral on the internet, after watching which people have come to know the truth about food items. Many people like to order food online and they use this to save their time. In the video that has gone viral recently, it is seen that ordering food online can prove to be very harmful to you. In this video, it is seen that a doctor had ordered ice cream but a man’s severed finger was found in his ice cream cone, which also has nails on it. This video has shocked people and has created fear in them about ordering food online.

Netizens demand action after video went viral

Online users started reacting to the video in the comment section of the video. People were stunned to see the human fingers in the ice cream cone. One user wrote, “Chal kya raha hai ye sab..” Another user wrote, “I stopped eating ice cream 5 years ago.”

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