Viral Video: Shocking! Tragic Accident Caught Live on Camera, Car Flips on Delhi Mumbai Expressway, Watch

Watch the horrific video of a car that unexpectedly overturned on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, leaving several people injured and one person dead. Social media users' discussions regarding road safety and the events leading up to the fatal occurrence have been triggered by the clip.

Viral Video

Viral Video: On social media, a video of an event from the Delhi Mumbai Expressway showing how an automobile abruptly overturns is becoming viral. Most likely, nobody anticipated this mishap. The accident’s cause is explained in the social media video of the live incident that is becoming viral. Social media users are now debating this live recording footage.

Description of the Accident

Vehicles are seen traveling on the Delhi Mumbai Expressway in this video posted by the @aditytiwarilive X channel. This accident occurs when a white car suddenly loses balance, crosses the road, and heads toward the pit. When the automobile flips over and is spotted on the road once more, all that is visible is dust. It is obvious after watching this footage that this collision was not your typical one. Along with the video, the user has also provided other details concerning this incident.

Driver Falling Asleep

This video narrates the story of the accident that occurred on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway and reveals its cause. There are rumors that the driver fell asleep, which is what caused this catastrophe. The vehicle is seen spinning over and landing on the road again in the footage, and it does again more times.

One person has died as a result of this mishap. Five people suffer critical injuries simultaneously. Despite the fact that it is from June 8, the live video is now being discussed. Over a million people have watched the video.

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