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Viral Video: Some itching videos are funny, but the one here is dangerous, watch what an Elephant did to a car

Viral Video: The paths that wind through all forest are undoubtedly difficult. Because animals are a part of their forest, they can be seen on the road at any time. As a result, people coming and going face numerous challenges. Recently, a video (Elephant climb on car video) has gone viral, in which it is demonstrated what happens when an elephant comes out on the road while passing through the wilderness, and what it does to the car!

The Twitter account @buitengebieden frequently posts amazing animal videos. Lately, a related video was posted that is related to elephant fun (elephant sit on car video), but will amaze you.

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About the Viral Video

When the elephant emerged from the forest on the road, it most likely felt like it was in its own world. So, instead of being frightened of the car or its driver, he began to think of it as a toy. In the video, the elephant climbs on the car tyre with one foot first. He then sits on its bonnet, treating it as a chair. He then climbs all four legs onto the car and descends while smashing the front and side mirrors. When the car leaves at the end of the video, it is clear how the elephant exacerbated the situation in a matter of seconds.

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Views on the Video

This video has received over 4 lakh views, and many people have provided feedback by commenting.

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