Viral Video: “Thought I Was Going To Die”: Passenger Shares Terrifying Videos From Inside Japan Airlines Ill-fated Plane

Japan Airline Plane Fire

Viral Video: A harrowing incident unfolded at Tokyo-Haneda airport today when a Japan Airlines plane collided with a coast guard aircraft, resulting in a fire. Videos shot from inside the plane capture the anxiety and fear experienced by passengers during the critical moments.

Passenger’s Perspective

One video, apparently filmed by a passenger, shows an orange glow and smoke emanating from the bottom of the aircraft as it taxis after landing. The soundtrack includes the amplified sound of the wheels and the unsettling ding of the seatbelt sign, creating a tense atmosphere. The accompanying caption simply reads, “I thought I was going to die.”

Cabin Chaos

Another brief video reveals smoke inside the cabin, with passengers audibly distressed. One passenger is seen attempting to secure their face mask amidst the chaos, while others can be heard shouting. The footage provides a glimpse into the panic that ensued.

Evacuation and Uncertain Injuries

All 379 passengers and crew managed to evacuate the plane before it was engulfed in flames. However, the extent of injuries remains unclear. Reports indicate five fatalities and one injury among the coast guard aircraft crew. Japan’s ministry of land, infrastructure, transport, and tourism is currently investigating the incident.

Post-Earthquake Tragedy

The collision occurred just a day after a series of earthquakes struck Japan, claiming nearly 50 lives. The coast guard aircraft involved in the collision was reportedly en route for a rescue mission to assist those affected by the earthquakes. The incident adds to the string of tragedies marking the beginning of 2024 for Japan.

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