Viral Video: Unbelievable! Man Turns Devil Under the Influence of Alcohol, Fires Shot on DJ at Ranchi Bar; WATCH

The incident was happened at a Bar in Jharkhand's Ranchi.

Viral Video

Viral Video

Viral Video: People lose their senses when they watch too many hazardous videos that go viral on the internet. One such video, shot in a Ranchi pub, has lately received a lot of attention online. This video will shock you with the savagery of a man. In Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, a man shot and murdered a DJ in a bar after the employees refused to give him alcohol. The CCTV footage showed the accused wearing shorts when he entered the Extreme Bar. He used his T-shirt to cover his face.

Viral Video Shows Man Shooting the DJ

A video is quickly becoming viral on the internet and drawing attention from users. A man may be seen on this video shooting a pub DJ for no apparent reason. The man shot the individual in front of him with his gun, killing him. Four of the accused’s buddies were also in the pub at the time of the incident. They all continued to drink until late at night, and the accused became irate when the bar employees refused to give them alcohol as the establishment was about to close. A fight broke out between the accused and the bar personnel. A fight broke out between the accused and the bar personnel during this. Because the bar’s DJ was present during this argument, the man pulled out a rifle and opened fire on the DJ first.

Ranchi Police Starts Investigation in the Case

The local police station commander and Ranchi’s deputy superintendent of police arrived at the location this morning. Using CCTV footage, the police are attempting to apprehend the shooter. There are questions for the bar personnel as well. A man is seen on CCTV shooting DJ Sandeep at 1:19 in the morning as he leaves the Extreme Bar. According to the police, the investigation is still going on.

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