Viral Video: Unfortunate! Yet Another Tragic Incident of Dog Bite, Innocent Child Violently Attacked in Bareilly, Watch

Viral Video

Viral Video: All around the nation, the number of stray dog attacks has alarmingly increased. Dog attacks are a constant source of fear for people, with children being the most common victims. Several children have experienced severe injuries as a result of these attacks, and some have even lost their lives. Another such incident involving four children who were viciously attacked and gravely injured by stray dogs in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, has surfaced.

Shocking Incident in Bareilly

This is the case of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, where a dog bite incident was caught on camera, shocking everyone in the process. A small girl was standing on the side of the road, and there were two girls standing on it, one of them heading to the other side.

A dog that is strolling by attacks the young girl out of the blue. This video was uploaded to X by Gharkekalesh, an account that is currently trending. The video’s caption states that it appears to be extremely dangerous. The girl on the road was attacked by a stray dog.

Locals Express Discontent with Authorities

The locals assert that despite their repeated complaints, the authorities have done nothing to address the dog problem in the area. In the past, the authorities have also disregarded cases of dog attacks. Children are now afraid to leave their homes, so the municipal corporation needs to take strict measures and catch these dogs.

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