Viral Video: Unusual! Parked Scorpio With Cops Inside Starts Moving On its Own, Crushes Worker in MP’s Sagar

The video has generated a lot of buzz online from the viewers.

Viral Video

Viral Video

Viral Video: Accidents have no time and they can come and stand in front of a human being anytime. Nowadays, videos of such sudden accidents keep going viral on the internet and get a lot of attention from people. Recently, a video went viral on the internet in which it can be seen how a Scorpio car suddenly climbs over a man crushes him and moves ahead. Two policemen were sitting in this car due to which the car could not be controlled. Let’s see how that car climbs over the man.

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In Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, a Scorpio car strangely started moving on its own and left a path of devastation and chaos in its wake. It was a strange and terrible episode. A sanitation worker was killed when an unattended automobile that had a police officer inside it careened out of control and crushed him. The incident shocked and outraged the entire neighbourhood. The peculiar circumstances surrounding the vehicle’s breakdown and the police officer’s apparent lack of control inside have come under scrutiny following the occurrence. Following the tragedy, two inspectors have been suspended by the Superintendent of Police in Sagar while a comprehensive inquiry into the situation is conducted.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video has generated a lot of buzz online and people started reacting to the video in the comment section. People were astounded to see the sudden accident with a man and they reacted to the video in the comments. One user wrote, “It is very tragic, the police should take strict action.”

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