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Bride Groom Viral Video: Kya karu, mujhe budha mil gaya! old groom overjoyed on marrying a young girl, watch video 

Bride Groom Viral Video: In marriage, the garland ceremony is the most memorable moment for the bride and groom. To make it special, many times the bride and groom do something that becomes a topic of discussion on social media. One such bride and groom’s video of garland was shared on Instagram, which is going viral on social media.

Old Groom Weds Young Bride

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In this video an old man is seen getting married with a young girl, and the happiness of this old man is on next level. In the video you can see that the bride and old age groom are sitting on a wedding stage. The age of the groom is making netizens laugh. People are shocked to see how can a young girl marry this old man. This video is creating buzz on social media.

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Likes on the Video

This video has been shared on Instagram. People are loving this video a lot. Netizens are also commenting on this video.

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