Rahul Gandhi Viral Video: Is Former Congress President Right in Saying Railways Being Neglected?

Rahul Gandhi Viral Video

Rahul Gandhi Viral Video: Rahul Gandhi, the former Congress president and current MP from Wayanad, recently shared a viral video on social media platform X, drawing attention to the plight of passengers traveling in overcrowded Indian Railways trains. The video depicted a concerning scenario where passengers were forced to sleep inside toilets due to the lack of adequate seating arrangements.

Rahul Gandhi’s Critique – Valid Concerns or Political Rhetoric?

In his post accompanying the video, Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the Narendra Modi-led Union Government. He said, “In the rule of Narendra Modi, travelling by train has become a punishment! Passengers of every class are being harassed in the Modi government which is reducing the number of general coaches from common man’s trains and promoting only ‘elite trains’. People are not able to sit comfortably on their seats even after getting confirmed tickets; the common man is forced to travel on the floor and hiding in toilets.”

Rahul Gandhi further alleged that, “The Modi Government, through its policies, wants to weaken the Railways and prove it ‘incompetent’ so that it can get an excuse to sell it to its friends. If we want to save the common man’s travel, then the Modi government which is busy ruining the railways will have to be removed.”

Indian Railways on Record-Breaking Summer Trips

In response to the rising demand for travel during the summer season, the Ministry of Railways announced on April 19, 2024, that it is operating a record-breaking 9111 trips. This figure marks a substantial increase from the previous summer of 2023, when 6369 trips were offered, representing a rise of 2742 trips.

The Ministry stated that these additional trains have been carefully planned to connect major destinations across the country, catering to the summer travel rush from various states. All zonal railways have geared up to operate these extra trips, demonstrating the Indian Railways’ commitment to meeting passenger demands effectively.

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