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This woman is breaking beauty and gender norms by sporting a moustache

A good thick moustache is all that an Indian man thinks of as a symbol of pride and high social status. However, for the woman, the case is totally different as they spend a lot of money to get rid of them because as per society it is not considered desirable to have a lot of facial hair or moustache in particular. But this woman who belongs to Kerala has a different perspective on it, she finds her moustache the most appealing part of her body.

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“I love my moustache,” Shyja says declares in her WhatsApp status section, below a photo of herself. And like everything comes with a critic she also has to face a lot of criticism from the people. But there are also people who esteem her for her brave choice.

“People make fun of me saying, ‘it’s men who have moustaches, why would a woman have one?'” Shyja, who uses only one name, told the BBC. “But isn’t that about what I like – what to keep and what not to?”

Shyja, who lives in the Kannur district of Kerala, had wisps of facial hair above her lip for years. While she would get her eyebrows threaded regularly, the 35-year-old never paid attention to the small faint of hair hanging by her upper lip.

Things changed around 5years ago when her light facial hair started growing thick into a moustache.

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“I can’t imagine living without it now. When the Covid pandemic started, I disliked wearing a mask all the time because it covered my face,” she was quoted as saying.

There were many who asked her to get rid of her moustache but Shyja “never felt that I’m not beautiful because I have this or that it’s something I shouldn’t have.”

The main reason she has this confidence in her moustache is the constant support she gets from her family. Her daughter admires her the most and finds her beautiful the way she is.

“Each time I came out of surgery, I would hope that I never had to go back into an operation theatre again,” she said. This Kerala woman has had six surgeries over a decade. One to remove a lump in her breast, another to remove cysts in her ovary and the last surgery was a hysterectomy five years ago.

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