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Viral Animal Video: Animals also know how to entice their counterparts, video here

Viral Animal Video: These days we have no idea what will go viral on social media. This time we have a very cute video for you. It is said that getting love back from a person you love is hard to find. This is not only for humans but also for animals and birds. Animals and birds also have to make a lot of effort to prove their love. A video is being seen on the internet these days where a male bird is seen adopting all kinds of tricks to please the female bird. Despite millions of efforts, the female bird does not give even the slightest feeling.

See What happened next

In this video you will not be able to control your laughter. In the video a bird is sitting and another bird is spreading its wings in front of it and waving its wings loudly. Along with this, this bird is moving its neck on both sides, which looks as if it is dancing. Now you must be wondering why this male bird is trying so hard. Actually, this bird is busy in impressing the female bird. Shows a lot of hanging jerks, dances to, but the female bird ignores him and flies away. Seeing the last part of the video, you will burst into laughter.


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Users Reaction

This tremendous video has been shared from the official Twitter account named Figen. While sharing the video, it is written in the caption, ‘She was not impressed’. Interesting videos of netizens are being seen on this video. Seeing this video, a user wrote on the comment box, ‘This is a female dance to a female’.

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