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Viral Animal Video: Dog saved Cat’s life, the video will make you emotional

Viral Animal Video: Dogs and cats are considered as the known enemies. You must have read, heard and seen many tales and stories of dog and cat fight. But after watching the video that we have brought you today, your illusion will also go away that dogs and cats are known enemies. Yes, in the video below, you can see that the white and black cat is pleading for help to avoid drowning in the water.

Dog saved cat’s life

During this, two dogs want to help the cat seeing her life in danger. One of the dog wants to help the cat with a wire lying nearby but is unable to do so. The cat is constantly pleading for help with its paws. When the dog felt that he would not be able to help like this, he put his life on danger and jumps into the water. In the video you can see that, by jumping into the water, he makes the cat sit on his waist and brings the cat out of the water.

Video will touch your heart

Along with this, the dog trapped in the water also come out of the water after a little effort and the dogs start celebrating their victory. This video is very emotional. This is the reason, this video is becoming increasingly viral. It has not been long since this video was shared on Twitter, but it has started getting fierce reactions. People are praising the dog’s intelligence and friendship a lot. After watching this video, how do you feel by commenting.

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