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Viral Animal Video: Dog walks with pleasure on two legs like humans, you will be amazed seeing the video

Viral Animal Video: Social media is a platform where anything can go viral. Once again a video is getting viral on social media. Like us humans, animals also have four legs, but if we leave aside monkeys and gorillas, then no animal can walk on two legs like humans. We cannot even imagine dogs and cats walking on two legs, but we are introducing you to a dog that walks on two legs like humans.

Dog can walk on 2 legs

Dog Dexter, a 7-year-old resident of Colorado, can walk on two legs like humans, not on four legs like dogs, and he has learned this extraordinary art himself. This dog has become an example in the whole world, which has learned new things to live life even in adverse circumstances. Let us give you some more information about this.

The art of walking on two legs learned under compulsion

When Dexter was a little puppy, he was jumping off his owner’s boundary wall while living in Ore, Colorado. During this, he reached the road and collided with a car and one of his front legs was broken and the other got a serious injury. However, Dexter’s life was saved in the accident. His owner arranged for the dog to have a wheel chair, but the dog was able to walk better than him with his back legs. Since then, Dexter has adopted a human-like way of walking, which the people are surprised on the road. Dog’s mistress Kentie says that she first learned about this art when she left her dog somewhere else and found her somewhere else without a wheelchair.

Dog has become very Popular

Dexter has become famous not only in the whole city but all over the world because of his art. She also has her own Instagram and Tiktok account, on which people follow her and like to see her content. Kenti says that sometimes people criticize her for this, but her dog has learned this art herself.

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