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Viral Animal Video: Monkey is seen riding on a swing in Sawan, enjoyed by sitting on electric wires

Viral Animal Video: Social media is a platform where anything can go viral. Once again a video is going viral. In this video a monkey is seen sitting on the electric wires, enjoying the swing. It seems he is celebrating Sawan by holding a wire in his hand and resting on the rest of the herd.

Monkey celebrated Sawan, enjoyed the swing by sitting on the wire

Sawan is the month of Shiva, and Hanuman ji . Monkeys are the form of Hanumanji. Another tradition of Sawan is that ladies swing putting a rope on the tree. So this video is completing the combination but not not with a rope swing on the tree but with the electric wires hanging from two pillars. Along with the fun of the swing, there was also the fear of risk.

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Viral Video

As soon as it was shared on social media, the video of a monkey sitting on an electric wire became viral. Although people liked the video very much, but many people also expressed concern about the life of the monkey due to the power cord.

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