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Viral Animal Video: Rat Mother saved her Baby from King Cobra, watch the video

Viral Animal Video: Social media is a platform where anything can go viral. Once again a video is getting viral on social media. A mother is can go to any extent to save her child from trouble. These days a video is going viral on social media. By watching this video, the love and respect for any mother in your heart will increase more than ever.

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In this video a rat mother fights with a king cobra to save her child. The rat mother fights with the snake until she saves her child from the dangerous snake’s mouth. The video is becoming fiercely viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that the king cobra has swallowed the rat baby alive. As soon as the mother mouse comes to know about this, attacks the snake continuously. She keeps on attacking the snake till the snake gets upset and runs away leaving her child. The video has won the hearts of people. The video has been shared by a Twitter user named LP Pant. After the video surfaced, users are commenting with heart emoji.

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Rat mother saves her baby from the mouth of death

Social media users are fiercely liking the viral video and are praising rhe mother. People are saying that one should not be afraid of trouble and should not give up without fighting. However, the mouse mother thinks only about her child without thinking anything. During this, she does not even care about her life and keeps attacking the snake continuously.

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