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Viral Video: Dancing in front of a Buffalo proved costly to her, shocking video

Viral Animal Video: Social media is a platform where anything can go viral. Sometimes funny songs of people, sometimes funny dance moves can tickle you. In this episode, one such video is catching everyone’s attention on the internet these days. In the video, a girl started doing something while feeding the buffaloes, which went unbearable to the buffaloes and seeing what happened after that, you will not be able to control your laughter even for a second.

Viral Video

Often such videos go viral on the Internet, which even after watching once, do not fill the stomach and are forced to watch again and again. This video, which is going viral recently, is like this, after watching which you will be forced to laugh holding your stomach. In the beginning of this funny video going viral, a girl comes close to the buffaloes with the fodder in the bucket. Meanwhile, the girl starts dancing by putting buffalo fodder in the sound, standing there. All this does not like the buffalo standing there and she hits the dancing girl vigorously. In the meantime, the girl would have fallen in the voice due to the collision of the buffalo.

Millions Views Recieved

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram, after watching which the netizens are getting bad laughing and laughing. Users who have watched the video are enthusiastically commenting on it. This video has been viewed millions of times so far. At the same time, more than 21 thousand people have liked this video.

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