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Viral Animal Video: You will be surprised seeing the condition of the caretaker, panda needs more care than children

Viral Animal Video: Social media is a platform where anything can go viral. Once again a video is getting viral on social media. Pandas are called the cutest species of animals. The panda’s are very cute. People treat them as pet animals and take care of a small child. If you don’t believe then watch this video

Viral Video

You will also fall in love with the cuteness of pandas in the wildlife viral series. In the video shared on Twitter account @Andrew__elmowaf, panda is hanged by holding the feet of some people in such a way that no one would be able to move forward without them. The care takers of Panda takes care of them just like babies. Video got over 15,00,000 views.

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Panda Plays the Care Taker’s Band

All the videos of panda you can seen every action of the panda, it seems as if a small devil child is hidden in the panda’s shell. Pandas acts like children. In the viral video, Panda is hanging by holding a person’s feet in such a way that it becomes difficult for him to take a single step. Not one but 3 pandas are behind the person, sometimes climbing on the back and sometimes pulling by holding the feet. Still, that person continued to tolerate all these mischiefs of the Pandas without showing anger. How could he not do it, in fact he was the caretaker of Panda. His job is to keep the panda happy and to care for and nurture them with love.

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