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Viral News: Do you know why some individuals attract Mosquitoes? Check out the answer here

Investigate the intriguing reason for this mosquito attraction phenomena. Don't miss out on the viral news that discloses mosquitoes' secrets!

Viral News

Viral News: Denguechikungunya is now afflicting individuals in numerous places, including Delhi-NCR. Doctors encourage people to prevent mosquito bites. Still, you’ve probably seen that mosquitoes follow some people. They may be seen zipping about over them. We believe mosquitoes do this because of filth. However, this is incorrect. This is backed up by solid science. You may argue that they recognize the taste of blood, but how can they know the flavour without sucking blood? As a result, they have nothing to do with the flavour of blood. So, what is the truth? An expert has revealed detailed information on it; you will be surprised to learn more.

Doctor reveals the reason behind mosquitoes chasing people

According to the New York Post, this knowledge was provided on TikTok by American dermatologist Lindsay Zubritsky. It was shown why mosquitoes are most drawn to people. The first cause is perspiration. Female mosquitoes take human blood and fill their stomachs with it. She uses perspiration to figure out who has her favourite blood. According to Dr. Zubritsky, mosquitoes are more attracted to perspiration and persons with high body temperatures. Mosquitoes, in particular, are attracted to ammonia, uric acid, and lactic acid. People with higher levels of these substances in their bodies are more prone to be bitten by mosquitoes.

Beer lovers are also loved by mosquitoes

Zubritsky provided another explanation and this is awful news for beer enthusiasts. He also mentioned that consuming beer might make you more vulnerable to mosquito bites. Mosquitoes chase after a person who drinks merely 350 mL of beer, according to research. According to Zubritsky, the kind and amount of bacteria residing on our skin might make us more or less appealing to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will flock to us if we have more microorganisms on our bodies as if there is a higher chance of germs in our ankles.

Mosquitoes Chase People with O Blood Group

There is one more significant reason behind Mosquitoes preferring the blood of humans with the O blood type to that of other blood groups. That’s why they’re looking for people with the O blood group. Another factor is that mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide. The faster you breathe, the faster mosquitoes will approach you. Finally, the colour of your clothing can influence whether or not mosquitoes bite you. Mosquitoes cannot distinguish between dark colors such as black and green and will bite them. So, if you wish to prevent mosquitoes, wear light-coloured clothing, such as white.

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