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Viral Video: A Man Offers Water To Thirsty Squirrel, Netizens gets Impressed! watch video

Viral Video: Social media is a platform where anything goes viral. Specially the videos of animals and birds are loved by netizens a lot. These videos shared on the Internet also work to make you aware of the tendencies of all kinds of animals as well as makes your day by their cute, brave or stupid activities. Once again a inspiring video is grabbing netizens attention.

Thirsty Squirrel

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In this video you can seen a man moving with a bottle of water and a squirrel is following him wherever he goes with that bottle. After few seconds of this clip the man understands that the squirrel is thirsty then he puts the bottle down opening the cap and the squirrel is seen drinking water directly from bottle by putting his mouth inside the water just like the humans. This video is really very adorable and will surely make your day.

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Getting Viral on Social Media

This video is grabbing everyone’s attention on social media. Netizens are loving this video. This video has been shared on Twitter by Gabriele Corno. People are liking this video a lot. People are hitting likes on this video. Users are also commenting on this video a user said ‘great work done by man’ another wrote ‘wow smart squirrel.’

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